Gene Submission Tool

Please fill in all of the fields below including the submitting provider's name, patient's name, clinical indication for testing, and requested gene list.

A unique gene or panel ID code will be generated upon submission. When using our standard paper Single Gene and Panel Testing Requisition Form, please include this code in the GENE OR CUSTOM PANEL ID box to ensure timely processing.

Requested Genes

Enter or copy/paste all requested gene symbols for your custom panel below. Individual gene symbols should be separated by a comma, single space, or one gene symbol per line. Only HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC) approved gene symbols will be accepted.

NOTE: This submission tool does not guarantee complete coverage of the genes. You can verify specific gene coverage by clicking the View Gene Coverage link below after entering your gene symbols.

View Gene Coverage
PKIG Client Services is available to assist in using our client facing tools. However, it is ultimately the ordering provider's responsibility to select and order appropriate genes for testing via the AnyGene or AnyPanel platform.